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Grace Murad

2 reviews


I have been going to Dr. Canale for the past 9 years because he's such a great dentist. I moved further away and refuse to go to another dentist as he's worth the commute. He always makes me feel comfortable and at ease with any work I need done. I always trust his opinion and recommend him to all my family and friends.


1 review


What a great find in the dentist industry! I have never experienced having my teeth cleaned with the actual dentist. Had no idea how or what to expect. All I can say is WOW what a difference having your teeth cleaned by hand vs the ultrasonic instrument. If your in need or looking for a New Dentist see Dr. Canale you won’t be disappointed. Our family is extremely happy with “Our New Dentist Dr. Canale “.

Mike Adams

1 review


Dr. Canale has been our family dentist for years. He never pushes services that are not needed and you can always trust his opinion. He has very flexible hours and is always very accommodating. Definitely the best dentist in Moorpark!


1 review


Dr. Canale is a very nice guy. I am glad I got to experience his way of the dentistry. He was very gentle and always made sure I was doing okay. Good sense of humor and i like his technique a lot better than my last dentist.

R Dog

1 review


Dr. Canale is a wonderful dentist with a very calming presence. His attention to the patient's comfort is exceptional and I appreciate his ability to explain in simple terms what is happening in my mouth.
His assistant Michelle was professional and helpful with handling my insurance to giving me a reminder call for my appointment.

After just moving to the area I was so happy I found such a great dentist that I had to write this review

Lucas Clausing

1 review

3 months ago

Very pleased with my visit. You enter the office to a welcoming receptionist Michelle. She greets you and helps you get checked in and situatated while you wait for the Dr. Dr. Canale welcomes you with a nice warm smile. Got my teeth cleaned without any pain or discomfort like I’ve experienced from other Dentist. Very pleased with my visit and will continue to go to him.

See and hear what people are saying about Dr. Canale on YouTube...

Peggy Hinz Testimonial


Published on July 2, 2013 

Dr. David Canale's patient Peggy Hinz has provided the following testimonial:

Hi, I'm Peggy Hinz. I've been coming to Dr. Canale for about a year now. I was so excited when he asked me if I would say a few words on his behalf. We love him... and by "we" it's my family. I was looking for a dentist for a long time. We've been in Ventura County for about 12 years and we've tried a few, and I have to tell you the quality is amazing. His follow-up care, his concern. I think there's a lot of new dentists jumping on the fringe lately. A lot feel like chains where it's almost a production-line, if you will. You come in, they see you, you're done. He's an old-fashined dentist. He really cares about the patients, each one of us. Our quality is wonderful, his care is wonderful. No one likes going to the dentist, but if you have to go to one, I really recommend Dr. Canale. 

Call (805) 529-2400 to schedule an appointment.

Jan Adams Testimonial


Published on May 19, 2013

Dr. David Canale's patient Jan Adams has provided the following testimonial: 

Hi, I'm Jan Adams, from Simi Valley / Moorpark, and I have lived out here for over 44 years. I'd like to tell you a little bit about Dr. Canale and how I met him. I chose Dr. Canale from the neighborhood magazine. We moved recently to Moorpark and I saw his photo and his advertisement and that's how I chose him. He has been very caring. He has helped me with a root canal and I highly recommend him. I feel like everything has been simple with him. He's very aware of my fears and what I go through. I am claustrophobic so he's really good about not leaning me too far back in the chair. He stops contantly and he's the best dentist I've ever been to and I am now 69 years old so I've been to a lot of dentists. He is wonderful; I highly recommend him. 

Call (805) 529-2400 to schedule an appointment.

Lori Delio Testimonial


Published on September 2, 2013 

Dr. David Canale's patient Lori Delio has provided the following testimonial:

Hi. My name is Lori Delio. I live here in Moorpark, California. I met Dr. Canale about 7 year ago when he first started his practice here in Moorpark. My family and I had just moved into town and we were at a local street fair and Dr. Canale had set up his first tent there to try and advertise for his business. We met him, we were pleased with him, so we started coming to see him. He's been our family dentist for about 7 years now. We have dealt with Dr. Canale on everything from cleaning to fillings to teeth whitening to crowns to implants to night guards... everything. Dr. Canale has always been extremely professional, very helpful, at the same time we really like him because he is very friendly, very down-to-earth, he makes you feel very comfortable in his office. He makes you feel like one of his friends. One of the things I really like about Dr. Canale is that sometimes when you go to another dentist I've felt like they tried to upsell us on procedures and items; I've never felt that with Dr. Canale. I've always felt like Dr. Canale has always been very honest with exactly what we need and when we need it. I just feel like Dr. Canale has been very trustworthy. I've recommended many many patients to him; they've always been very happy. We've been very happy with Dr. Canale and we plan on continuing to use him far into the future.

Call (805) 529-2400 to schedule an appointment.

Steve Carlson Testimonial


Published on July 7, 2013 

Dr. David Canale's patient Steve Carlson has provided the following testimonial:

Hi, I'm Steve Carlson. I've lived in Moorpark since 1993 and I've had a lot of dentists since I started taking care of these [teeth] on my own as an adult. These are sensitive gums! If anyone has been through torture, I have, when it comes to some of the dentists that I've visited over my 60 years. Dr. Canale takes the BEST CARE of my teeth. He makes me feel like I can not have to tie my fingers in knots while he's cleaning my teeth. He is one of the most gentle, kind, and detailed dentists I've ever been to. I brought my whole family to be a part of his practice and I would suggest to anyone, if you've got a problem with sensitive gums, if you're looking for somebody that cares about what he's doing with your teeth, call Dr. Canale. 

Call (805) 529-2400 to schedule an appointment.

Grace's Testimonial


Published on August 29, 2013 

Dr. David Canale's patient Grace has provided the following testimonial:

Hi, my name is Grace. I currently live in Sherman Oaks and I come to Dr. Canale's office in Moorpark. How I came across finding Dr. Canale as my Dentist? I actually used to go to a dentist, my whole life, ever since I had teeth, and my insurance changed so I had to find a new dentist. When I went around, looking for a dentist, I didn't like a couple different ones. I happened to work in Moorpark at the time, so I found Dr. Canale and I came to visit him. I loved him from the first visit. He did a really great job, he's very personable, friendly, makes you feel comfortable, especially for people who aren't very comfortable with the dentist. I ended up leaving Moorpark and transferred to different branches from where I work, with the bank, and then I moved. Now that I live in Sherman Oaks I still come and visit Dr. Canale and I drive all the way from Sherman Oaks to see him because he's a really really great dentist. I think it's really hard to come by a really great dentist. As far as recommending him, I've already recommended my family members to him. I actually just had a conversation with my boyfriend yesterday about visiting him. For people who are looking for a dentist I would say definitely go to Dr. Canale. He's not only really friendly and makes you feel comfortable, but he actually does a really great job at what he does. He's helped me with my very first root canal which I had to do, which he made it a very easy process, he recommended me to a great doctor, he's helped me with night guards, he's helped me with a lot of different complex things and he's done such a great job. You should see Dr. Canale!

Call (805) 529-2400 to schedule an appointment.

Christina Johnson Testimonial


Published on July 31, 2013 

Dr. David Canale's patient Christina Johnson has provided the following testimonial:

Hi, my name is Christina Johnson and I've been a Moorpark resident for about 13 years now. I found Dr. Canale through a local Moorpark magazine. My family was a little behind on dental care and I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to get our family caught up or not. I called Dr. Canale up and he actually answered his phone personally. He gave me a little bit of history about his dentistry and what he could do for our family. He said we can start from scratch, just with basic cleaning and x-rays, so he set up an appointment for one family member at a time. He was very calm, very gentle, very patient. He set up each kid in a room with a TV and movie and he would start a couple minutes before each procedure and explain exactly what to expect, so there were no surprises. 
Dr. Canale has helped us tremendously with our dental care. We were very behind with our dental care and we had a lot of work that needed to be done. I was very intimidated by the whole process and he brought us in and started us off slowly with basic teeth cleaning and x-rays and over the years with lots of late night visits and Saturday visits, a lot of patience and understanding, and a lot of understanding with our children and their fear of dentists, he has worked with us getting us caught up and now I believe we are at the point I think with every family member with basic cleaning and just regular check-ups. This has been years of fillings, and I think we've had a couple crowns in there, maybe a root canal, so we are finally over the hump and it feels very nice, very nice. 
I would highly recommend Dr. Canale. Our family has very much enjoyed his dentistry. He's always had a great staff. He has a great office - very nice, very pleasant. He takes late appointments, Saturday appointments. They always have these great day-before appointment reminders that help me a lot. He's at a great location. Great office, great location. I would highly recommend him.

Call (805) 529-2400 to schedule an appointment.

Cecilia Campos Testimonial


Published on August 31, 2013 

Dr. David Canale's patient Cecilia Campos has provided the following testimonial:

Hello, my name is Cecilia Campos. I have been coming to Dr. Canale's office for already five years. I'm very happy he is our family doctor. My three kids and my husband also come to see him every six months. He is great for us, he is a very friendly guy, which is very important for us and for my kids. I was referred to him by my friend. I have a friend who was coming here before and when I moved to California I didn't know where to go for our family dentist and she recommended Dr. Canale and that's why we're here. It is a very friendly office. Dr. Canale and the people that work with him all the time offer to help on the phone, with questions, especially with insurance coverage. They are open to call them and call us back with the information. I have an accent in English and he's always very open to that, trying to understand my needs, in my language sometimes and in English, too. I really appreciate that. As a patient, especially in the "medical language" it is difficult to get well along with the doctor, but he is very nice on that point. We have been recommending him to our friends, I think I have some friends already coming to see him because of our referrals, and what else can I say? He's a very, very great dentist. We're so happy that we can see him.

Call (805) 529-2400 to schedule an appointment.

Frank Boller Testimonial


Published on June 4, 2013 

Dr. David Canale's patient Frank Boller has provided the following testimonial:

Hi, my name is Frank Boller. I'm a long-time resident of Moorpark, well into 20 years, and I've been coming to Dr. Canale for as long as I can remember. Dr. Canale has been very responsive to myself and my family and even family friends when they've had dental emergencies. He has responded immediately, even on weekends. I've been very pleased with the work that Dr. Canale has done. I give him high marks and I haven't even considered going to another dentist. I recommend other people to him and I'm very happy with the way he conducts his examinations. I would recommend Dr. Canale to anyone in Moorpark and whether they lived in Simi Valley or Thousand Oaks it's worth the drive. Thank you. 

Call (805) 529-2400 to schedule an appointment.

Jackie Boller Testimonial


Published on May 21, 2013 

Dr. David Canale's patient Jackie Boller has provided the following testimonial:

Hi, I'm Jackie Boller, and I'm from Moorpark, California. I live just a few miles away from Dr. Canale. I think I found him in the Acorn newspaper where he was named best dentist in Ventura County. I think that attracted me at first, and the fact that he's so local. I don't have to drive miles and miles to a dentist; that's pretty nice! I've had trouble with my gums, so I've had to have a couple of deep cleanings from Dr. Canale and he's very gentle. He'll do half of it, or a quarter of it, if you want, depending on what you can deal with. He's very good and gentle with the cleaning. I would say give him a call, make an appointment and give Dr. Canale a try. You'll find that he's very personable, very gentle, and he'll ask you a lot of questions about your sensitivity and of your teeth, and I think you'll have a good experience with him. 

Call (805) 529-2400 to schedule an appointment.

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